Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fantastic Friday! (Day 6)

August 31st, 2012
     I had a fantastic Friday!  Yesterday was absolutely wonderful.  I am very happy that my first week went so smoothly.  Even at the end of the week, all of the students had so much energy and were still very respectful and were willing to learn (even though this weekend is a three day weekend)!  Almost all of Friday was set for the fifth grade team planning. The three fifth grade teachers (including my CT), their team supervisor, the Principal, and myself all met to talk about planning for each of the subjects until the end of December.  We worked on the layout for each subject and how much time will be focused on each standard.  The main subject that was focused on was Math.  The template for Math instruction was very confusing since this is the first year using Common Core.  The teachers were very concerned about this because fifth grade is a crucial time to build much needed skills for Middle School.  After a full day of discussion, my teachers left feeling more confident and comfortable about their future lesson plans.

     Today, I finally finished my first door decor and bulletin board! 
~My first door decor was focused on providing words of encouragement and support to the students!~
It says: 
"When you enter this classroom......
You are writers.
You are readers.
You are scientists.
You are explorers.
You are mathematicians.
You are super.
You are the reason why we are here!"
*An idea found on pInterest and the images are from Teachers Pay Teachers*

~My first bulletin board was focused on their new Social Studies unit!~
Top left corner: An image of a Union soldier and Confederate soldier.
Top right corner: I used a stick, leaves, and cotton balls to create a fake cotton plant.
Middle:  Map of the United States in 1861.  It shows the differences between the Northern States, the Territories, and the Southern States.
Bottom:  A timeline of important events from the Civil War.

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  1. My goodness, your boards are amazing and impressive. Did you do all the boards and graphics yourself? Were the walls as beautifully created as yours when you arrived to student teach? That is the type of learning and visuals I would love to see in my daughter's school and in my own class! Thanks for sharing. It is very inspiring!