Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Relaxing Saturday.

     Go Blue!  This Saturday is going to be dedicated to watching football, researching fun materials for school, and reeeeeellllllaaaaaxxxiiiinnnnng!  I really need this stress free day to reflect on my week and to prepare myself for next week.  Next week, I will be picking up another subject.    I have chosen to pick up Science!   Science is such a wonderful hands on subject.  The information in the scientific world is ever changing and I can not get enough of that!  I love to create hands on activities and labs so I think this subject may become my favorite to teach. :)

This weekend I would also like to find materials to help those students who struggled on various subject areas when taking last year's standardized tests.  The main materials I would like to find are for Math instruction.  This is the area that my students seem to need the more review and practice on.
(A few class stats)
Percentage of students from my class that met or exceeded the state standards tests:
Language Arts     82%
Math     60%
Reading      81%
Science      77%
Social Studies     73%

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