Friday, September 7, 2012

Furious Friday!!! (Day 10)

     For my lesson today, Mr. Mitchell wanted to "test" the students to see how they responded if he were to leave the room while I took over.  Everything was going fine until the very end of the lesson.  While I was collecting review papers, I turned around to find one student standing on a chair!  I was immediately shocked and angered!  Yet, I calmly, but firmly said, "Get down from that chair.  You could get hurt."  She immediately stepped down and started to laugh. At this point, I was not a happy camper.  I reminded her, with a level head, that putting herself in such a dangerous situation is no laughing matter.  After this I was at least expecting an "I'm sorry"  but alas......nothing! I shrugged it off until, on our way to lunch, I heard her joking about the situation! She obviously did not take it seriously enough and  I had to remedy the situation by directing her straight to the Principal's office.  
     Now, I am usually one of those teachers who gives students lots of chances but from now on it is going to be three "strikes" and "You're Outta My Classroom!"  I am also not one to "make examples" of students for others but I do hope that the other students in the class realize that I am serious and I will not tolerate tom-foolery during my lessons.  After this, I know these actions will not be repeated.

     After school, the teachers worked on putting up the student letters about asking for loans in the hallway.  They backed them with some nice paper and added some flair to the hall display.

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