Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday! (Day 13)

     Today, my class was out of this world!  Mr.Mitchell had to attend an SST meeting so I was able to teach the class ELA while he was away (with Ms.Thomas watching the class as well).  In the time we had we were able to successfully complete 3 review worksheets, grade the review sheets, and read chapter one of our new chapter book to the class.  They followed my instruction and it just felt so whimsical!  I could have never imagined our students being so cooperative and respectful!
     I also led the Numbers Talk activity for Math because Mr.Mitchell was running late.  The students were able to talk within their groups and successfully give me the correct information that was needed in order to solve the problem three different ways.   I was able to describe the F.O.I.L. method to them and most of them understood the concept.  I am super excited to begin teaching Math on September 24th!  When Mr.Mitchell returned, he went over the Lattice method and showed the students two tricks on how to find the multiples of nine.  I have never seen these methods before:
      First you write               Then you write the numbers 0-9              Then when you put them
the numbers 0-9                      in the opposite direction                               together side by side.....
           0                                                9                                                              09
           1                                                8                                                              18
           2                                                7                                                              27
           3                                                6                                                              36
           4                                                5                                                              45
           5                                                4                                                              54
           6                                                3                                                              63
           7                                                2                                                              72
           8                                                1                                                              81
           9                                                0                                                              90
                                                                                                      get the multiples
                                                                                                                               of nine!
There is also a trick to counting the multiples of nine using your hands and I will insert a link to a site that gives a great example of it!  

 For today's Social Studies lesson, I used a flip chart.  It was my first time modifying and presenting a flip chart using Active Inspire.  The program is easy to navigate and the students enjoy how interactive it is.  But unfortunately, we did not have a working Promethean pen so I had to use it as if I was simply showing a PowerPoint.  (Expect the Unexpected!) 

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