Monday, September 24, 2012

Macho Monday! (Day 21)

 Today is the day that I began to teach all subjects!  Everything went smoothly and I felt like a Macho woMan! (Get it? Macho Man? -__- )

Grammar- Spelling Worksheet
      **New week of Science Fiction!!**
     -Who Says Robots Can't Think?
        Cause and Event Review - Students learned a new way to write the cause and events that occur in a story by using something similar to a timeline.
Monday Math Centers:
     Focus on Rounding Decimals and Review
     ~Maintenance-roll dice and record numbers, get largest numbers
     ~Maintenance-round largest numbers
     ~Intervention-Math multiplication cards, Multiplication and Division string key card review
     ~Exploration-Brainstorm cards, math manipulatives: to show how many different ways they could make specific decimals using what materials they had.

~My blogging has been getting shorter as of lately.  I did not realize how much energy I am drained of after school gets out.  I hope this next week will be better.~

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