Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday (Day 23)

     Focus on Spelling Words

*Spanish-This schedule is not consistent.  Our Spanish teacher's schedule has been split between two schools.  Some days we have it and some days we don't.  I honestly do not think it is good for our students to receive only a small bit of instruction in a foreign language. Our students really need to be exposed to this and it feels unfair that our students seem to be left out.  (Especially since I know other schools are receiving daily foreign language instruction!)

     Worksheets: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Sentence Structures.

     For Science today, I had almost two full classes in my classroom.  Since the other student teacher across the hall had to tape her lesson, and some students didn't bring their permission slips back, she had to send some of her students into my room.  I had to tailor my lesson plan so that all of the students would still get instruction and learn at the same time.  I read some of the chapter with them and then gave them some workbook pages to complete.  At the end, we reviewed them to discuss the different answers some of them could have given. All of the students were respectful and gave me their undivided attention!  It was wonderful! But I sure wouldn't want 35 students in my classroom on a daily basis!

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