Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tremendous Thursday (Day 5)

     This morning, the students had Music from 8:15-9:00 AM and P.E. from 9:00-9:45AM.  During this time, Mr. Mitchell and I worked on the hallway displays, door decor, and my bulletin board display.  The displays were mostly completed but they still required a little bit more work.  When the students returned, we were informed that the students had a challenging time at their specials.  The teachers informed us that they had been disrespectful and rowdy while they were trying to teach. We were not very happy with them.  Mr. Mitchell thought that it would be a good idea for them to write apology letters to the teachers because of their actions.  (This was also a way to sneak in ELA instruction.)  After students were finished with their letters, we reviewed their Math homework as a group.  When students had trouble sharing their answers, I reminded them of PEMDAS to help them find the correct answer to share.  After the homework review, students were directed to the Smart Board for a short ACTIVeXPRESSIONS activity.  This ACTIViNSPIRE Application is a really wonderful idea.  I have never seen students get so excited about answering Math problems!  When I begin to teach Math, I will definitely incorporate this in my lessons!     After Mr. Mitchell reviewed Math, he changed the screen to an online Social Studies game.  It was a multiple choice game that reviewed the Civil War related vocabulary words.  When all of the questions had been answered, I handed out a Social Studies worksheet.  It had a short paragraph about events from the Civil War and the objective was to correctly answer several questions pertaining to the reading.  The activity was cut short because we had a mandatory fire drill.  Even though it interrupted instruction, I am glad we had the drill.  I needed to see where I would have to take the students in case of such an emergency!  When the fire drill was over, it was just in time for our class to head to lunch.
     While at lunch, we took the time to get ready for our Science activity.  For today's activity, we wrote vocabulary words and their definitions on separate sheets of paper and stuffed them into balloons.  The students were so excited to find out that they were getting to participate in an activity for science even though they had a bad day. :)  They really enjoyed popping the balloons, trying to find their partners, and posting their matches on the board as fast as they could! As soon as all of the matches were found, we reviewed the vocabulary words and their definitions with the class.  I really love that we do so many hands on activities with the students.  It makes the day more enjoyable and the students soooooooooo much more engaged!  I look forward to our Fantastic Friday!

Beginning next week, I will be teaching Social Studies in my classroom.  The fifth grade Social Studies topic for the following two weeks is the Civil War.  I thought it would be helpful for others who are on this topic to have a list of Internet resources!  Thus, I have created this link list:

  1. Kids Konnect 
  2. Social Studies For Kids
  3. EdTech at Kennesaw State University 
  4. Underground Railroad Simulation 
  5. Slavery Images

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