Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday! (Day 4)

     Today was an absolutely wonderful day!  I started off the day by working on my door decor and a bulletin board for Social Studies.  I did not realize how hard it was to cover the outside of a classroom door with butcher paper while still leaving openings for the window, lock, and door handle!  My decorations aren't finished yet, but when they are I will upload a picture.
     The student's day began with a journal entry.  They were to: 1. Write the poem of the month and 2. Write their spelling words three times each in cursive.  After this brief morning activity, the students were sent off to Spanish.  Mr. Mitchell and myself used this planning time to create and gather materials for the hall displays.  Then, after students returned from Spanish, they all sat down to read a discuss a passage from their reading book.  Students took turns reading "A Sled On Boston Common."  Many of them were not taking their time which caused them to skip words or misunderstand what they were reading aloud.  Between designated student readers, Mr.Mitchell asked though provoking questions about the story.  Those who understood, gave great explanations and tried to get others to understand.  To review the story, students completed a vocabulary worksheet.
     When students completed their worksheets, they were given a short Math quiz.  This quiz was used to test their knowledge about exponents and the Order of Operations.   Example Questions:
  1.  What happens to an exponent when we move its place value from right to left? left to right?
  2. What is 10^4?
  3. Write (5 x 10^4)+(6 x 10^2)+(1 x 10^1) in standard form.
  4. How does a value change from 100,000 to 1,000?
The quiz was immediately graded and discussed to see about how many students would "pass the CRCT"  at this point in time.  We found that 75% of the class would pass and the other 25% would need to have one-on-one Math instruction.
 We also received our FINAL schedule for Specials and core subject instruction!

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