Monday, August 13, 2012


     Each day I have been checking my email to find out where I am being placed for the fall.  I am really anxious to know because I would like to gather materials to make my experience SUPER!  As of right now, I am currently searching blogs, TPT, Teacher's Notebook, and Pinterest to find materials and ideas for grades 3-5.  I have found bulletin boards and activities that are related to seasonal themes for each month.  Now, I am looking for books that are age appropriate for the holidays and seasonal themes. 
The Books I have found so far are for AUGUST:
               ~Hiroshima No Pika  (Gr 3-5) (WWII)
               ~Abel’s Island
               ~The Twenty-One Balloons
               ~The First Four Years
               Amelia Earhart Book:
                                    ~A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart    (Gd3)
                                    ~Amelia Earhart Free in the Skies (Gd 3-5)
               Women’s Suffrage book:
                                    ~If You Lived When Women Won Their Rights  (Gr3-4)
~The Day the Women Got the Vote: A Photo History of the Women’s Rights Movement (Gr4)
~You Want The Women To Vote, Lizzie Stanton? (Gr:5)
~Women's Right To Vote, Second Series, Cornerstones of Freedom. (Gr:5)
              MLK I have a Dream Book:
                                    ~Martin's Big Words, The Life of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. (Gr:4)
                                    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Fight for Freedom (Gr3-4)
                                    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.: Young Man with a Dream (Gr3-5)
            ~Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech in Translation: What it     Really Means  
  Lewis and Clark Expedition book:
                        ~The Lewis and Clark Expedition (Gr3)
                        ~A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark (Gr 3-5)
I would like to find books about the following topics for.........
           Labor Day
           Grandparents Day
           Jewish New Year/Citizenship Day
           Fall Equinox
           Yom Kippur
           Ruby Bridges:
                 ~Ruby's Wish (Gr3)
           Star-Spangled Banner
           Hispanic Heratige
           Rosh Hashanah
           International Day of Peace 
           Columbus Day
           Louisiana Purchase
           Pablo Picasso
           Stock Market
           Day of the Dead 
          Daylight Savings Time
          Presidential Election:
                  ~So You Want to be President? (Gr3)
          Veteran’s Day
          Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
                  ~Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims (Gr4)
          Mark Twain 
          Winter Solstice
          Bill of Rights:
                  ~Shh! We're Writing the Constitution (Gr4)
          Cultural Celebrations: Christmas, Boxing Day, 
          New Year:   New years eve,  Chinese new year, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, and Songkran.
          Rosa Parks:
                  ~Rosa (Gr4)
                  ~Rosa Parks, My Story
                  ~Take a Stand, Rosa Parks! Before I Made History

                **After I find the books that align with these topics I will edit this post and list them.**  
I have also found a great website that gives a book list for books that align with Georgia's State and Common Core Standards.  You can download the lists for any grade level at                 
        The first day of my placement, I would like to take the textbooks and become familiar with the topics and skills to be covered this fall. I would like to learn these topics so that I can create my own unique activities for them.  I also intend on keeping a notebook for each month of my placement and creating a filing system to keep worksheets and ideas I collect.  In my notebooks I hope to keep a daily journal to reflect on how things went during the day.  I have so many ideas that I am excited to use!  I am ready to begin my student teaching and learning experience!  I REALLY want to find out my placement!

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