Saturday, August 25, 2012

August's Poem of the Month

Each month, students at Gideons ES are to memorize and present the poem of the month to the class with their own personal flair.  This month's poem is entitled I, Too.

I, Too

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh, 
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I'll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody'll dare
Say to me,
"Eat in the kitchen,"

They'll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed--

I, too, am America.

~Langston Hughes

Just as my students must memorize it, I, too, will memorize it and present it to the class.  I am a student teacher so I believe I must lead by example.  I hope my students understand the importance of presenting a poem (such as this) and adding feeling (and a personal touch) to it.

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