Monday, August 20, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

     One aspect of being a great teacher is to expect the unexpected.  On Friday, I was not prepared to expect the unexpected.  Friday was the day that all Student Teachers were supposed to have placements in elementary schools and meet their Supervisors. I was informed that I did not have a placement yet, which came as a surprise to me.  I did not expect to be one of the few left who did not have a placement.  This weekend, I mulled over it way too much.  My mind was so clouded with fear and doubt, about not receiving a placement, that it was hard for me to concentrate on my GACE test.  I waited to hear news all weekend, but there still has not been any changes.  As my fellow Student Teachers began their first day of field experience, this morning, I was sitting and waiting for someone to call or email me with an update.  I went, in person, to the Placement Office to find out more details about my situation.  The director reassured me that I will have a placement very soon but that it might take another week before it can be confirmed.  I am really anxious to know where I will be!  I am excited to find out my school and grade level because I have a lot of materials and activities planned!  Henceforth, I can officially say I will always expect the unexpected! 

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