Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Books!

     I have found two new books that I think will be beneficial to my student teaching experience for fall.  They are: 101 Ways To Put Pizazz Into Your Teaching and Teach to Reach.  Today, I received "101 Ways" in the mail and read it front to back.  In my opinion, it gives a lot of simple and practical ideas for making teaching and learning fun.  It provides ideas for each subject, classroom management, bulletin boards, lesson plans, seating charts, paperwork management, time savers (my favorite), speakers, self-esteem builders, multicultural activities, and FUNd raisers.  I like all of the activities and think it is a great idea to have this book on hand in case you may need to add any last minute activities.  I hope that the great ideas in this book will help me create "zesty" lessons for my students this fall!
                                                                                                   ~Only 13 days until
                                                                                               student teaching begins!~

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