Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terrific Tuesday! (Day 3)

     Today, a lot of time was spent on lesson planning and gathering lesson materials.  The day began with a fifth grade team meeting (while our class was in specials from 8:15-9:45).  Our team met to discuss the hallway displays for Writing, creating condensed lesson plans for Mathematics, and discussing today's Science lab.  As a group, we decided that their creative writing letters should be typed up and displayed in the hallway.  We also brainstormed about how to creatively display those letters on our fifth grade hall.  A decision was made to create a "lemonade stand" out in the hallway and display the letters above it.  Then we moved on to talk about the unit plans for Math.  It was a unanimous decision to find a way to change the lesson plans so that they would be easier to follow and to understand.  While we were chatting, the school Principal walked passed and decided to sit in on our discussion.  After hearing our concerns, she chose to set aside a great deal of time for our team to meet on Friday.  So that we may be able to figure out a more efficient way to write lesson plans for the new Common Core Curriculum.  This offer made me very happy because it means that I will be able to have some input on how we look at and implement the new standards.  As time was running out, for the other two teachers, we briefly spoke about the Science Cell Lab today.  When those teachers left, Mr.Mitchell and I typed up some of our class letters on special paper. 
     When we returned to class, we had those who's letters were typed read their pieces out loud.  This was a great way for those writers to show off their writing and speech skills.  Next, we moved on to Math.  Today, students were to use their ACTIVexpression pads to participate in the SmartBoard Math game.  (If you have not seen an ACTIVexpression pad, it can be described as an electronic way in which one would send answers into a trivia game.)  I tried to participate with the students but had a hard time learning how to correctly use the electronic device!  But I did take time to learn more about it after school so I wouldn't be left behind in the next game!

The work students did with their cells and microorganisms unit was displayed on a board in the hallway. With mini-poster sized student pictures!

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