Monday, October 1, 2012

Meh Monday...(Day 26)

     It was raining all day today!  The mood it put me in was just terrible.  I was "blah" all day and my response to mainly everything seemed to be simply "meh."  And to top it off......the grade level supervisor came in and saw me make a fool of myself.  :(  I had a really hard time explaining the math material to the students today because I wasn't prepared for the students to not fully understand the concept I was teaching.  They usually pick up topics that I explain pretty easily but....not today!

But at least I finished two of my wonderful boards today!  My Reading board, that is focused on Science Fiction, and my Social Studies board, that is focused on The Era of Reconstruction.  Here are pictures of them:
(I created a board game with vocabulary words on it because I modeled it after our short story Zathura.  At the bottom of the board, the students used post-its to respond to two science fiction related questions.)
(The green ribbon is used for our class timeline.  At the bottom of the board, there are pockets with vocabulary cards in them.  I created four sets so students can grab the cards and use to study with if they finish their work early.)

Reading Instruction:
     The Terrarium Story

     Worksheets on Sentence Structure
      Pre-writing and rough draft on their story prompt:   You are going on a space adventure.  Write about how you would dodge meteors, aliens, and robots.

     Rounding & Estimation-Fill in box sheets for hallway interactive boards
Social Studies:
     Wok on projects

     Review of Genetics terms
     Create vocabulary cards

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