Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday (Day 29)

Today was a Wonderful Thursday!  I tried a new classroom management idea and it worked out perfectly!  Yesterday, I was on Pinterest and found an application called Bouncy Balls.  What is it?  It is an application that allows you to use the microphone on your computer so that it can monitor the noise level.  When the noise level begins to rise, the balls start to bounce!  I told my students that if it happens, then they would not be able to do group projects anymore.  (I used it to keep the noise level down while they completed their Social Studies projects.)  Here is the link to this wonderful resource:

Overview of the day:
          Spelling Test, Washington Monument Worksheet, Save that Penny Worksheet.
      Review and work Road Trip worksheet.
  Social Studies:
     Partner Work on Diorama
     Work on Debate paper.

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