Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday (Day 38)

Our new Social Studies board.  It is focused on the growing nation, during and after the the Era of Reconstruction.  It has five sections, as shown on the board with the pictures backed with different colors.  All of the pictures were taken during this time and thus they are all in black and white.  (This unit also has four sets of vocabulary cards at the bottom of the board for students to take and study during their free time.)

Our new informational texts board.  Five small posters on this board are from the Teachers Pay Teachers Website.  They provide students with clues to Descriptive Words, Cause & Effect Words, Comparing & Contrasting Clues, Sequence Words, and Problem & Solution Cues.   The papers that are backed with Orange are examples of student summaries from our informational text on Getting Out the Vote.  At the bottom left, there is an informational text story and story questions for the students to interactively use.  At the bottom right, there are three examples of informational reading books.  All three of these books are available for the students to read because they are located on a table beneath the board.

All of the fifth grade students go into the cafeteria for a writer's workshop every Friday.  They are practicing how to gather ideas, create rough drafts, and complete a great piece of writing that includes 'juicy' details.
(I am in the back right corner helping out a student.)

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