Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Madness! (Day 34)

     This week we are preparing for a visit from our Superintendent and his cabinet.  Today was madness because we were all frantically trying to get our hallways and classroom ready while putting final grades in because mid-term report cards go out tomorrow!  But all is well because our hallways look wonderful and we are all ready for our visitors. Have a look:
This is our interactive Math board.  It is the first thing you see when you walk in the hallway.  It has student work and pictures of the students working on the interactive board.  It has several separate boards that students can work on.  (The board has addition problems with decimals on it.  Students are to solve the problem and circle the answer in the "crossword" block.)

              This is our interactive science board that focuses on Animal Classification.  Students are to take the pictures of animals and sort them into the correct categories.  At the top of each column there are short descriptions of what characteristics the animals of that category have.  To the left and right of the board, pictures of students on our Animal Classification field trip to Stone Mountain are hanging on the walls. 

     This is our interactive Genetics board.  On the left there are vocabulary words and on the right there are definitions.  The students take the plastic chains (to represent link like DNA chains) that are on the side of the vocabulary words and link them to their appropriate definitions. 

     This is our Civil War board.  We put up student work on the sides of the board.  On the board, there are vocabulary words and student written letters to Lincoln thanking him for his contributions to the Nation during and after the Civil War.

        This is a panoramic view of one side of our hallway.  (It looks like the hall bends but it really is completely straight.)  From right to left: Interactive Math board, Interactive Animal Classification board, Georgia Aquarium pictures with students, Interactive Genetics Board, and Civil War Board. 

     On the other side of the hallway, we have a few of our student made shoe box dioramas of the South during Reconstruction.  (This is to the right of my classroom door.)  Also, on this side of the hallway, we still have our lemonade stand letters and student work hanging up on display.

Hope that you enjoyed a peek into our wonderful interactive fifth grade hallway!

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