Monday, July 23, 2012

Open Eyes

     After reading "The First Days of School", I have gained a great deal of professional understandings that will help my future as a teacher.  It provided me with knowledge of positive expectations, classroom management procedures, and how to grow professionally.  I have taken wonderful notes that will guide my actions for the fall and my future actions as a professional.  I also intend to take the tips provided, about becoming a life-long learner, seriously.  I intend to research local conventions and seminars that will help broaden my knowledge about developing as an educator for the sake of my students.  Before I start my first day of Student Teaching, I will be watching and reading materials that were suggested within this book.  I will watch The Effective Teacher and I choose to CARE.  I will listen to How You Can Be a Successful Teacher.  I will read "The First Day of School" by Douglass Brooks, "What Helps Students Learn" by Margaret Wang, and "Milking the Grade" by Thomas Guskey.  (All suggested from page 302 in "The First Days of School.")  I hope that this wealth of information will be very useful for creating an awesome learning environment!  I look forward to learning about new things and hopefully finding other educators who would like to share their thoughts on these materials!
~This book was WONDERFUL!! If you have not read it, I seriously suggest you do in the near future!~

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