Friday, July 6, 2012


     Collaboration will allow for effective communication with colleagues, students, and parents.  The things I value in a professional colleague or critical friend are things that I expect from myself as well.  I feel that colleagues should be respectful, hard working, and dedicated. They should be on time, prepared, and come to class with the motivation to do whatever it takes to reach their full learning potential.  They must be flexible, open-minded, approachable, and personable. Professionals (my classmates) should listen to suggestions from parents, students, and colleagues in order be connected and involved with their surroundings.
          My colleagues must be willing to work together to create lessons and plans that will cater to all different types of students.  They must be willing to share/listen to ideas, research new ideas, and attend workshops in order to broaden their own understanding of teaching for the betterment of their future students and their own personal self.  If a colleague expects to better themselves, they must understand there is always room for improvement and information is constantly changing.  Modifying their personal self, ideas, knowledge, and understandings based upon information that has been newly discovered will have a big impact on the way they will either succeed or fail at working collaboratively.  These are the attributes I expect to see from my professional colleagues that will directly affect collaboration and student learning in a positive manner.

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