Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Intentions

 This is a list of intentions I have created from researching the best tips for an effective student teaching experience.
~Know the school discipline policy and the school emergency policy.
~Learn student names as quickly as possible.  (Try to play name games.)
~Offer lesson suggestions to the Collaborating Teacher (CT).
~Offer to help decorate the room as often as possible.  (Use creative bulletin board ideas.)
~Value constructive criticism.
~Ask lots of questions. (My leaning will depend a lot on conversations and reflections with the CT.)
~Walk around the room during observations to work with students on assignments and class problems. (This will allow me to feel more comfortable when I begin to teach.)
~Arrive early, be professional, be prepared, be respectful, and be a leader.
~Attend every meeting.  (Required or not!  It will provide great experience.)
~Ask to volunteer for a school club/activity or after school program.
~Offer to grade papers and organize morning work.
~Ask to try and join in on any lessons before the real teaching experience begins.
~Ask students how they think lessons went.
~Set a weekly meeting with my CT to discuss questions/concerns and lessons.
~Incorporate as many learning centers and group activities as possible,
~Meet with CT a few weeks before field experience begins.
~Look at the school website and familiarize myself with who the principal is, the mission statement, and testing scores.
~Prepare a bio of myself to give to my CT on our first meeting. (Include my contact information, my supervisor's contact information,  my educational background, hobbies, what I expect out of this experience, and my personal philosophy of education.)
~Get a journal and leave it in the school lounge with a note asking other teachers to share their favorite teaching tips.
~Create a resource binder with tabs where I can begin organizing tips, websites, shared worksheets, and procedural information.
~Call assigned school in August and ask if I can visit the school before the first day. (Try to visit when the CT is there.)
~ Go through some instructional magazines: Classmate, Mailbox and Instructor.

If any of the readers have more tips for my student teaching experience please comment below! 


  1. These are some FANTASTIC tips Tiffany! I think both teacher and student teachers can glean from this post!