Saturday, July 7, 2012

Basic Guidance

Basic Guidance: tips from Audrey Flynn
1.   Get on child's eye level.
2.   Get eye contact.
3.   Position yourself close to the child.
4.   Position yourself to see the whole classroom.
5.   Use a voice appropriate to the situation.  (most often, a soft, quiet voice)
6.   Avoid the words "OK?" and "Hear?"
7.   Set reasonable rules/limits.
8.   Use non-verbal techniques.
9.   Involve the children in rule making.
10. Intervene when appropriate.
11. Use classroom arrangement for management.
12. Avoid arguments with children.
13. Friendly humor reduces anxiety and aggression.
14. Reinforce, reward appropriate behavior.
15. Be cautious with the words good and bad.
16. Only use "we" when appropriate behavior.
17. Have basic daily routines.
18. Separate school behavior from home/street behavior.
19. Use positive, rather than negative words.
20. Inform the children when the activity time is almost up or the activity has changed.
21. Use punitive management techniques to reprimand students.
22. Use the child's name often.

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