Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the blogging world!  I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving break!  
Today, it was quite hard to get back into the swing of things.  I was sick this morning and had a hard time reminding my students of the rules.  They may not get back into their routine until Thursday!  I think that with the break.....they forgot how to act at school!  But, no worries......they will be in tip top shape once again ;)  I have learned enough classroom management skills this semester to properly direct all of my students (and keep them in line). 

Overall today went very well.  The students eagerly participated in our writing and group activities for the day.  The work they produced was up to the standard so they were not lacking in that area.  However, when I tried to play a new math game with them.....they did not do so well.  The game was a simple review of simplifying fractions.  The students had to simplify fractions, I called out, and were to record the correct answer on their card.  However, many students had forgotten how to simplify fractions.  This was an issue because this is a fourth grade standard and this week we are supposed to be covering adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  After our review didn't go so well, I realized that I would have to rearrange the lesson plans to add review time for the fourth grade standards that the students did not remember or did not learn.  Sometimes this type of thing happens and you have to be ready for it!  That is why I am glad I was prepared with extra review material from KHAN Academy and Promethean Planet!  I will always keep this incident in mind because I need to remember to have review materials for all subjects at all times in case a similar situation ever arises in my own personal classroom.

Today, we also had our faculty meeting.  The guest speakers provided us with material about SST and data tracking.  The materials given in this meeting were especially helpful for myself because I did not have a clear understanding of the job of a SST.  I always knew that it was a program to help those students who were struggling to receive extra help but I did not know that process was a three tiered program.  I am glad that I was provided the materials to better understand this program and its components because I know I may have to be apart of a SST one day!

After the faculty meeting, I took some time to change my door decorations for the last time!  :(   It is very sad for me because I am now realizing that my last day for student teaching is approaching quite rapidly!  I will miss working with these students and decorating the room to make learning fun!  
This is my Winter Door!  
"Fall Fell and it's in the it's time for a Winter Blast!"
The boarder is snowflake ribbon from Michaels and the paper snowflakes have all of my students names on them!  I drew the two polar bears on poster board and laminated them to add some Winter 'cuddliness.'

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