Friday, November 30, 2012

Art Partners Program

Fun-filled, Fantastic Friday at the Woodruff Arts Center for an Arts Partners Program! 
     Our fifth grade team attended this program to get a good look at how we could incorporate music in the classroom.  We were shown a lot  of fun and interesting ways to make this happen with every subject.  The program focused on how the teachers could successful step back during their lessons and how they could get the students to successfully collaborate together.  (We all discussed how collaboration is an important skill to teach because it is a necessary life skill and students have to realize that sometimes they cannot achieve certain goals on their own.)
    At the end of the program we were broken up into smaller groups.  Our groups had to create a song that went with a specific fifth grade standard.  The standards that were used for this activity focused Animal Classification, Chemical Changes, and Graphing.  Our standard was focused on graphing and the song we created goes with a 4:4 tempo with eight beats for each line.

Chorus: Cartesian Coordinates and coordinate planes, start at the origin before you begin (2x)

Verse 1: X is a cross so x is across, from left to right you'll never get lost. (2x)

Verse 2: Y is up high you've walked now fly, from bottom to the numbers don't stop. (2x)

Verse 3: Order your pairs and mark your point, now your graphing we rocked this joint. (2x)

We had a lot of fun creating and presenting our song.  We all agreed to use it in our classrooms and we also shared our song with everyone else! 

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