Thursday, November 29, 2012

Math Mega-Lab!

   --> Today, we had another Mega-Lab with all seventy-five students in the auditorium.  This time, the Mega-Lab was focused on Math!  We had four centers: Equivalent Bingo, “Frac-Chews”, Hop-Scotch Decimals, and The Mad Math Minute.  All of the centers focues on different fifth grade math standards, such as: equivalent fractions, adding fractions with like and unlike denominators, adding decimals, and multiplying decimals.  I really enjoy these large labs because it allows all of the teachers to work with students who are not in their own classroom.  It also gives the students variety and changes up their everyday routine.  I think this definitely contributes to the fact that with each Mega-Lab we have never had any discipline problems.  These Mega-Labs have been a wonderful inspiration for me because I will implement this idea at my future career site. 

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